Ready for a trek?

After a rather stubborn and persistent monsoon season, the first clear days have finally won out against the rain. Large groups of trekkers and thrill-seekers are finding their way to Pokhara to take advantage of the blue skies now willing to reveal Nepal’s natural beauty. Will you be one of them?

Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a novice, in Nepal you can find treks to cater to any level from the popular Poon Hill trek to the more strenuous ABC or Upper Mustang treks. If you would not like to commit to a longer trek, you can even choose from those taking only one to three days.

When people think of Annapurna trekking, they often think of the legendary ABC trek. Considered a classic amongst our list, this trek offers glorious, up-close mountain views as well as glaciers and traditional Nepali villages. The higher you get, the closer you will reach the nature of your own self as modern comforts slowly evaporate. After Chhomrong, lodges and restaurants are few and far between and even heating you can only acquire with an extra fee. Do not let that discourage you, though. A lot of visitors greatly appreciate this as part of the experience and note that fewer such luxuries, make for a greater appreciation of what is being presented all around them.

Trekkers who come to explore the Himalayas for the first time or desire a shorter visit, often select the Poon Hill trek. This 5 day trek offers a fine introduction to everything the Annapurna region has to offer yet doesn’t fail to deliver on a uniqueness of its own. This trek will take you by Ghorepani. A village offering many meal and lodging options as a connecting route for many travellers heading in different directions. Here you settle before taking those last steps up to the most famous Himalaya viewpoint and watch the sunrise break through from behind the mountain peaks.

I myself have done many of the most famous treks and one of the more glorious ones for me was Upper Mustang, which I have done several times. Where all treks can offer you a panoramic view of mountain ranges and a feel of seclusion and wonder, Mustang still has a “hidden gem” quality to it with a unique combination of culture and nature. With the Buddhist monasteries and nunneries built into the cliffs and mountain ledges, this trek will take you by one of the last bastions of undisturbed Tibetan culture in the world. This combined with the dark and rough rock formations as if taken from a western film, makes Upper Mustang truly an exceptional region to discover.

But what you decide to do, is all up to you. This trek was an amazing experience but the sheltered and unique quality of it, does mean it is one of the more expensive treks when it comes to the permits. Mustang is still restricted by a set of rules for cultural conservation and require a minimum US$500 permit fee for a ten-day trek. I would therefore recommend this trek to more experienced trekkers ready for something completely different.

Ready to go? We can organise your trek from beginning to end, from permit to lodgings. Visit our trekking website for more information on the various treks, what to bring, testimonials, …. Do you still have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us directly and ask us anything!

Ramchandra Sharma, managing director of Blue Planet Lodge.